Pivotal Sheets

About Pivotal Sheets

You are a talented professional, but not with Excel.

Allow me to help so that you can focus on doing what brings you most value.

Microsoft Excel Screen Shot 2Setting up spreadsheets, writing macros, deploying databases, writing simple apps, etc. Finding a software that is built specifically for exactly what you do is close to impossible. If it does exist, it’s usually not inexpensive. Generic software that is flexible is great, but it still requires a lot of setup and may not be any less expensive. Chances are that you have some very powerful tools available at your fingertips right now. Tools that will cost you nothing once Setup.

In addition, software such as a complete ERP system can be very powerful, but very overwhelming, and again not inexpensive. My preference is to start slow and tackle your most pressing issues first. This allows me to learn about you and your needs, it allows you to learn about me, and most importantly it minimizes initial investment by not committing to something that is not the right solution.

Allow me to set up your first spreadsheet and then you own it forever. If you like it, great, it’s yours; if it’s not quite right, let’s make it better, if it doesn’t work at all… I’ll make sure that when we meet to discuss your needs, we understand the scope such that this will not happen. Your alternative is a 30-day trial that requires 60 days to figure out that there are some limitations that will not work for what you need.

If/when you’re ready to dive into something more powerful – i.e. Salesforce, Quickbooks – I would be happy to help as well. I have setup and configured cloud based applications like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Quickbase, Odoo and others. In some cases that included integration of these tools with existing business spreadsheets to facilitate a seamless transition, minimize